Award-winning & handcrafted small batch Biltong


Simply African Food was established in 2002 with the view to sharing our passionate love of Southern African food and its authenticity and traditional mouth-watering taste. After many years perfecting our methods, we now produce the finest award winning Biltong, Droëwors, Boerëwors and other Southern African Meat products in the UK.
We only use Prime cuts of Free Range grass fed beef which we take pains to ensure is responsibly sourced from certified UK and Irish farms.

Air dried prime cuts Snack Packs

From: £ 4.10
From: £ 4.10
South African Style Dried Sausage
Smokey Droëwors
From: £ 3.20
Steak Biltong
NEW Texan Biltong
South African Style Sausage
From: £ 6.00
From: £ 4.50
From: £ 8.50
From: £ 5.30