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Simply African Food Limited was established in 2002, by Donald Dodson with the view to sharing our passionate love of Southern African food and it's authenticity and traditional mouth-watering taste. After moving to the UK in 1999, we found ourselves constantly being let down with low quality and badly produced products through online and retail purchases. 

Through trial and error we now produce the finest award winning Biltong, DroëworsBoerëwors and other Southern African Meat products in the UK.

Our modern purpose built factory, which is run by Neil Dodson, resides in the heart of Hampshire, where we also sell our products on the historic village market in Petersfield, and have done so since 2002.


Simply African Food also supplies our products wholesale to a number of outlets up and down the Southern Coast of England.

Since joining the online space, we have shared the exact same passion of our BiltongDroëwors to a wider area of the United Kingdom and more.

Our Biltong Products are produced using the finest quality British Beef Silverside money can buy, and a unique blend of spices passed down through the generations, to give you the freshest most natural tasting Biltong on the market. Our meat is not machine cut, not cut from a semi frozen state, but hand cut fresh silverside which is the key ingredient to the finest Biltong products.

Our Droëwors is produced using the finest 95% visual lean beef and our secret ingredient which makes our product the most mouth-wateringly succulent treat. High quality pork shoulder mixed with our family inherited blend of Boerëwors spice, makes it in our customer's opinion 'the best Droëwors available in the market today'.

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